What I’m Working on “/Now”

  • Learning West Coast Swing.
  • Teaching new dancers.
  • Assisting at the Anchor Room dance studio in Ossian, IN.
  • Growing the Fort Wayne Westies.
  • Preparing for Burning Ma.
  • Becoming minimalist.
  • Writing.
  • Building/managing websites.
  • Documenting my journey through WCS and living a full life.

“/now” by Derek Sivers. Learn more.

Hi, I’m Austin.

I am …

  • a swing dancer.
  • teaching dance.
  • practicing minimalism.
  • constantly self-improving.
  • building a swing dance community.

5 years ago I made a commitment to myself to take life into my own hands after spending so much of my life in a passive, inauthentic state. I didn’t know any better at the time, but once I made that decision to begin Venture 15, everything started changing for the better. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but the lessons I’m learning and the person I am becoming has made it all worth it.

Shortly into my commitment I started my own writing business, where I write online content for various businesses looking to establish or improve their online presence and get their message and products out there into the world.

I later discovered dance, fell in love and quickly dubbed it a “passion” during a time I was pining for something that was “an obvious calling.” Dance was that calling. I later discovered West Coast Swing, fell in love (again), and started a local swing club, the Fort Wayne Westies.

I have since partnered with Melissa Culbertson of The Anchor Room Dance Studio and am in the process of teaching people how to dance a variety of dance styles.

For a long time I’ve been into personal development; constantly trying to improve myself and pursue something ambitious within my life. Even growing up as a timid, shy individual, I am setting that aside to listen to what my heart and intuition is pulling me to do in this life – even the things that scare the fuck out of me. Sometimes I wobble and I hide, but sometimes I push myself in ways that I never anticipated.

Lately I have been learning from and implementing the practices of …

  • Kyle Cease (Evolving Out Loud)
  • Jordan B. Peterson
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Tony Robbins
  • Sean Ogle
  • Simon Sinek
  • Derek Sivers
  • The Minimalists
  • Andy Frisella (MFCEO)
  • A large variety of dance professionals
  • and more

While there are SO MANY “teachers” that I’ve been learning from throughout my life, these are who I find to be highest on my hierarchy of influential practitioners of living fully, authenticity, business, discipline, and more.

After watching an Evolving Out Loud series of the Limitation Game: Interactive, I went through a deep meditative state and uncovered a part of my soul that has been lingering so quietly underneath the business and chaos of my mind and life. Ever since, I’ve been creating space for “that” side of myself to surface.

I’ve found that it’s in that state (of listening to the heart), that I discover more of who I truly am underneath all the layers and chaos.

And now I strive to live from that state, from listening to that space in my soul.

I don’t know where it wants to go, I don’t know where I want to go …

But I know it will be a grand adventure — or a story worth telling.

… So long as I listen to it.

// … More to come. :)

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