A little about me.

Hi! My name is Austin. I’m a West Coast Swing dancer, writer, and I am constantly pushing myself (and others) to live the fullest life possible.

About 5 years ago I finally made the leap to start “betting on myself” rather than live life on autopilot. It hasn’t been easy and it’s constantly a struggle not to divert back to old ways. But the choice has been one of the best I’ve made.

That same year I scheduled my first private lesson and I fell in love. Life has seriously not been the same, ever since. I know that’s cliche and hyperbolic, but it’s quite true. I’ve done things I never thought I’d do, I’ve met more people in less time than my entire life combined. I’ve overcome fears. I’ve “put myself out there” more and more.

But above all:

I have finally started to listen to my own heart.

Which sounds woo-woo and maybe like crazy-talk to those who aren’t on the path of self-development or use different language to describe the exact same feeling.

But that’s cool. I know that who I am, what I share, what I believe in, the vision I have for my future – and the future of the world around me – isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

And that’s okay. I hope you build the life you want to live, whether we ever meet or not.

I aspire to build the life I want to live, to have the experiences my soul yearns for, and to be able to inspire and collaborate with others who have a similar vision, or similar aspirations to help the world.

I’m currently working on mastering West Coast Swing, teaching dance, growing a community of WCS dancers (Fort Wayne Westies), training and assisting at the Anchor Room Dance Studio, and learning to live fully and “live a story worth telling.”

Follow my journey on my blog, other social channels, or by chatting directly with me. <3

Or better yet: join me in this journey, in some way, or let’s collaborate and build a more exciting and uplifting world around us, and let’s get out of our comfort zones so that we can live the best life possible.

[more to come soon.]

I aspire to live by the following principles in my life:

Live a story worth telling.

Be unrecognizable in 5 years, by 2020. (Or: Always be evolving.)

Challenge the impossible.

Never settle for mediocrity.

Play by your own rules.

Inspire yourself.

This page is under construction. More to come later.

In the meantime, you can connect with me below:

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Projects / Affiliations

Below are the core projects and communities that I’m currently involved with in some way.

Social Channels

Find other content and connections at one of the platforms below.

What I’m Working on “/Now”

  • Growing as a West Coast Swing dancer.
  • Teaching new and growing dancers.
  • Assisting at the Anchor Room Dance Studio.
  • Growing the Fort Wayne Westies.
  • Preparing for Burning Man 2019.
  • Following the teachings of e-mentors, Kyle Cease, Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Andy Frisella, Jordan B. Peterson, Derek Sivers, and more.
  • Gradually becoming more and more minimalist in my life.
  • Writing.
  • Building and managing websites for various projects and communities.
  • Documenting my journey through WCS and living a full life.

Inspired by Derek Sivers. Learn more here.