My 7 favorite things lately.

Aug 29, 2023

7 interesting things I’ve enjoyed or have been trying in my life recently. (: 

⭐ “ALPHABET SUPERSET” — a free 6 month program for creatives.

Quite excited for this project. It carries a similar “energy” to it as when I did Project 30.

TL;DR concept: define your medium → every week create using the next letter of the alphabet as a guide for your topic/creation.

Doors opened last week (with 9000+ signups) for “prep week.” This coming Monday the program kicks off with “A-week.” Perfect time to join if you are interested.

I’m doing this with a couple people. If you join, let me know and we’ll make a group chat to share creations and support. (:

Program made by @struthless on YouTube.

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⭐ A quote I can’t stop thinking about:

“If you bring forth what is within you,
what you bring forth
will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you,
what you do not bring forth
will destroy you.”

— Gospel of Thomas (via “This Jungian Life”)

When I heard this quote on the “This Jungian Life”, it punched me right in the heart. I’ve been reflecting on it often since.

It makes me contemplate on the ‘callings’ I (we) have that we often dismiss because of “reason” or “logic.” As I continue to avoid those subtle callings, I feel like I gradually die a little, day by day.

Yet, when I “bring forth what is within,” my spirit gains more light.

Even the small callings (to clean my room, writing this article, etc), when “brought forth” end up being healing & forward moving.

Contemplation: If I can feel ‘saved’ and notice momentum from seemingly small callings…

… Which callings am I not bringing forth?

… What would happen if I started actively and courageously bringing them forth?

… Will I bring them forth?

“This Jungian Life” Podcast (spotify)

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⭐ 1:1 Existential Kink session with Holly Hamel

On my first call, we explored shadow work and I got to “meet” one of my shadow aspects that I named “Blue,” an indulgent, vampiric aspect.

I took on a challenge for myself that has, along with learnings & takeaways from the call, been pivotal for some lifestyle shifts I’ve been experiencing since the call.

I’m still benefiting from my call with Holly over 6+ weeks later. An article about my takeaways is on the way.

Holly & Existential Kink

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⭐ Polyrhythms, Generative Music, and Modular Music

Visually and audibly captivating, I’ve never experienced “music” like this before. I use this when I’m writing or focusing, because it’s calm and not “too predictable” (i.e., want to jam out to) for my brain while in the background.

Also super useful for calming my nervous system when I’m feeling over-stimulated but don’t want raw silence.

Polyrhythms are a “simultaneous combination of contrasting rhythms in a musical composition.”

🎵 Generative Chill (2 hours of randomized melody)

🎵 Peaceful Polyrhythms

This “unattended modular music” is a genre in a similar space as the above. I really enjoy the ‘space’-like vibes it gives.

I’m a big fan of this style of ambience/music for writing, working through emotions, calming my nervous system throughout the day, and dreaming big. — Plus this setup looks so cool and futuristic. 

🎵 Folding Space (2 hours of “ever changing music”)

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⭐ Most effective “cowork” format to date.

As the most regular period of cowork I’ve experienced, I’ve seen some incredible momentum for myself and Jennifer (and now Amanda) so far. 

Past formats have been useful, but this latest iteration has been FIRE 🔥 for momentum compared to past formats.

Here’s the format I’m facilitating:

  • meet on Zoom/Discord.
  • state intentions for the next “block.”
  • 30-60 minute SILENT cowork block.
  • Break for 1-2 minutes to verbally share what you did/didn’t do.
  • Immediately dive into the next silent cowork block.
  • We repeat for 2-4 hours at a time.

= Massive increase in accountability / momentum. 👊

* also grateful for the occasional, impromptu night-owl sesh with Jenn.

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⭐ The “Iterative Schedule” 

As someone that struggles with “micro-managing” my calendar, trying to keep good records, etc., I sometimes spend more time on “documentation” and “planning” than actually doing the thing on the calendar.

I’m experimenting with NOT using a calendar for time blocking (aside from appointments). Instead I do “iterative scheduling.”

I took an idea from Cal Newport and modified it.

The Iterative Schedule is just a list of tasks that I’m doing in chronological order.

I have two rules:

1.) I can ONLY do the item at the top of the list. (*Ideally I monofocus and keep my list to 1-3 items at a time.)

2.) I can move things around on the list at any time.

In the past I would actually DELETE the entry entirely when completed to reduce the ‘need to save everything.’

This helps my crazy-frantic brain because:

  • It acts as a “brain dump” to get everything out of my brain (that is currently causing a lot of distress about forgetting things.)
  • Checkboxes are tasks. Bulleted items are unscheduled accomplishments or notes. At the end of the day I get to see 80% of what I did that day, which helps my ‘documentation’ oriented brain have a better idea of what I got up to instead of having to rely on memory (or worse: spending all that time tweaking hours & minutes on google calendar to get it ‘just right’).
  • It solves the problem I was having with paper lists of not being able to easily “move” items due to changing priorities, time, energy, etc.
  • I stay out of Google Calendar and my micro-managing tendencies by just “focusing on the next thing on the list.” On old calendars, when I would “go over on a task by 5 minutes” (or procrastinate) I’d spend 5-10 minutes adjusting everything else that follows that day. This would happen 20+ times a day. At the end of the day I would end up with over 10 tasks squished in one block of time b/c they can’t go anywhere else. Google Calendar became a brain dump area and a task graveyard.
  • Helps me practice choosing/prioritizing. “Yes, all of these things are important to my brain… but this ONE is actually the one I want and will focus on for at least right now.”
  • Once the list exists, I no longer have to decide. I look at the top and work my way down.
  • Gives me flexibility to change my mind (instead of trying to be perfect, idealistic and thus take no action) and not worry about moving 10 other things on the ‘calendar.’ All I do is bump something else to the top of the list and get to work.
  • I allow myself to add STUPID SIMPLE things on the list (do a push up, take a shower, clean desk). When I’m in a spiral of inaction, I need momentum. Once I list things out, organize priorities, and start taking action [on the simple thing], my nervous system calms down & gets in the zone + I can better lean into more impactful work a lot faster than when I was trying to micro-manage my calendar [whilst doing absolutely nothing as a result].
  • I can move things OFF of the list (to an “uncommitted” or “tomorrow” list) if I sense that I’m not actually going to do it (instead of pressuring myself to do more + shaming myself for not doing 20 life-changing projects that day).

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⭐ Songs on Repeat

🎵 “Metaphobia” by Trashlagoon

🎵 “L.A.” by TEEMID

🎵 “Hold Your Colour” by Pendulum

🎵 “Cycles” by Corre

🎵 “Dawn” by Omar Raafat

🎵 “apoapsis” by our distant worlds

🎵 “Briefly” by Nils Frahm

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This post was inspired by FIVE BULLET FRIDAY by Tim Ferris.

After a recent call with Jennifer & Amanda, I realized that some of the value they & others (e.g., members in Creator Coalition) have gotten from me is hearing about interesting ideas, videos, resources, new perspectives, questions, or experiences I’ve been having in my day to day.

Some ideas I have aren’t always meant for me: sometimes it’s meant for someone else to run with.

I hope some of it can be helpful to you!

Five Bullet Friday

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Share 1 thing you’ve found interesting/useful in your own life lately!

If you check out anything I shared today, let me know what you think or value. That may inspire a deeper dive into a topic/tool/etc. 😊

Thanks for reading. 

💜 Bring forth what is within you.
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