Top 10 Questions – 2022

Feb 18, 2022

Originally narrowed down to Top 13, this post has since been updated to Top 10 after I reviewed them in the middle of the year. I started with over 150+ questions and had to accept it in a state I knew felt incomplete (but good enough), knowing it would be evolve over time and that it was more important to start living out the questions.

Skim past my top questions to find out how to discover your top questions.

Better to use the questions rather than perfect them and never actually use them, right?

My Top Questions of 2022

  1. How can I take ownership and initiative in my life today to become more sovereign – instead of “waiting” for life to happen?
  2. What dharma (dragon, cave, opportunity, or calling) am I avoiding that I could humbly address today?
  3. What shrouded qualities or desires of my authentic self can I proactively, courageously, and shamelessly embody more of today?
  4. What kind dialogue can I use to be more encouraging, optimistic, curious, understanding, and loving of myself and others?
  5. Do I need to calm my nervous system to reduce trauma responses, masking and to better mono-task and communicate authentically?
  6. Who am I without the internet?
  7. How can I simplify this?
  8. How can I be authentic and vulnerable in this moment to facilitate better connection?
  9. Is this a “full body yes” and going to add to my life — or distract me from my goals?
  10. Soul, how am I called to show up and embody my purpose as I currently know it?


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Try the 100 Questions exercise by Leonardo da Vinci. It’s one of my favorite exercises to do every year.

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