Top 13 Questions – 2022

Feb 18, 2022

I couldn’t narrow down my Top Questions to just 10, which makes sense that “fluidity” was a theme in some of my questions. I spent a lot of time “narrowing down” my questions. I had over 150+ questions to start and many of my “top” questions were a series of 2-5 questions each.

After spending some time digging into them, clarifying them as much as I could, and extracting the “most central” question out of each, I came up with 13.

Rather than perfecting and over-analyzing for any more time, I’m calling this “finished” and reminding myself that I can come back to this and refine throughout time.

Better to use the questions rather than perfect them and never actually use them, right?

My Top Questions of 2022

  1. What flag am I carrying as I traverse this field today? — How can I take ownership and responsibility in my life today to become more sovereign and take initiative in my life – instead of “waiting” for life to happen?
  2. What small-dharma (dragon, cave, opportunity, or calling) am I avoiding that I could humbly address today? (What “announces itself” to me?)
  3. What are the shrouded/quiet qualities and desires of my authentic, shameless self that I can embody more of today – proactively with courage (and less hesitation)?
  4. What kind [inner] language/dialogue can I use to be more encouraging, optimistic, compassionate, curious, understanding, and loving of myself and others?
  5. Am I present with the inner dialogue in this current experience, creation, or thought — or am I engaged with The Eye’s criticisms and ruminations on future encounters?
  6. Am I experiencing a trauma response or masking right now – and need to calm my nervous system to better mono-task or communicate honestly?
  7. Is this STORY I have about myself, this person, or this situation the BEST that it can be?
  8. Who am I without the internet?
  9. How can I simplify this?
  10. Instead of overwhelming myself by “taking in or saving” so much, what is going to significantly contribute to a greater tomorrow that I will realistically do?
  11. Soul, how am I called to show up in this situation or how can I embody my purpose as I know it today – while I seek to uncover my soul’s true purpose?
  12. What does fluidity and presence look like to me?
  13. Am I looking people in the eyes, speaking slowly, being honest, and asking curiosity- and meaning-driven questions?


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