Top 10 Questions for 2020

Jan 5, 2020

  1. How can I create a beautiful state and internally motivate myself to see/feel the big vision?
  2. How can I love more with my actions and thoughts with others, life, and myself?
  3. What is my quiet soul asking of me? Do I see myself? Do I know who I am? Am I listening to my heart so that I may answer questions (and self-express) with more depth, authenticity, and calmness instead of frantic default communication behaviors? How can I better understand myself?
  4. How can I be more shameless, playful, and embody Spectra, Pixen, and Aeua as default behavior – to be more authentic? Do I need to lay on the pool table?
  5. How can I maintain an Island Four “solo state” and independence/insularity around others and be less absorbent of others’ beliefs, emotions, and pain?
  6. How do I need to show up to be a better leader, serve others, and share my vision? How can I stop playing small?
  7. If I only accomplish one thing, what would make me the most fulfilled this year?
  8. What can I do/stop doing for massive upside or relief?
  9. Is the way I am spending my time fulfilling?
  10. Do I need to ask for support?

Try the 100 Questions exercise by Leonardo da Vinci.

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Overwhelmed? Attend to Your Physical Environment

Overwhelmed? Attend to Your Physical Environment

When overwhelmed, it manifests in my physical environment as “projects” and “notes” scattered about. Some time to attend to them goes a long way in creating “space” for productivity and creativity to emerge.