Confident Sovereign Creative Professional [Solocast 003]

Oct 15, 2022

New(ish) mic, who dis!  🎤 

In this episode

  • the reliance on external feedback
  • the role of social media vs. using it as a tool
  • how I hinder myself by NOT treating “this” as a “thing” (substance, framework, etc.)
  • having a “professional” mindset and schedule (“framework and professionalism”)
  • the challenges of having a “niche” when you don’t know what your niche is
  • the end goal of content creation (i.e., intimate, intentional community)

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Recorded: October 15, 2022

Fragmentation — Streamline your work space

Fragmentation — Streamline your work space

Recent travels have highlighted how scattered my belongings are, affecting my ability to focus and get work done more effectively. — Making these simple changes have been profound in helping me focus more easily.

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