Austin Pranger

Dancer • Instructor • Writer

Hi. (: I’m Austin.

I’m documenting my journey through life via the mastering and teaching of West Coast Swing, developing a local swing community, becoming minmialist, writing, video/editing, and optimizing life. 

Learn more about me and my musings on my blog and Youtube channel.

If you’re interested in working with me for learning to dance, writing, designing your website, helping you with organization/minimalism/decluttering, or managing social media – use my contact form or send an email.


Top 10 Questions of 2019

Top 10 Questions of 2019

What are the most important questions in your life? Most of the time we’re always seeking ANSWERS that we don’t look at the questions we’re curious about in the first place.

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Golden Conviction – What Does “That” State Say?

Golden Conviction – What Does “That” State Say?

When you seek the possibilities, you invite the “state of gold” that is always there, but lays in wait. And that state of gold reaffirms that I’m both moving in the right direction … and also need to be more fierce in my concentration for life.

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Westie Chronicles

The adventures and challenges of growing as a dancer, teacher, and community organizer.

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Fort Wayne Westies

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