Discovery Through Dance

A West Coast SwinG Journey

Welcome to my West Coast Swing journey, where I share my lessons, challenges, and triumps in this captivating dance, personal growth, entrepreneurship, and more.


Clinging to Disempowering Facts

There are some things about us that are technically true, but aren’t worth saying. They are the things that give us reason to hold ourselves back and perpetuate a sense of falsehood to our soul. Is it worth repeating what is “fact” at the expense of what is true?

Shorten the Gap

Whether it’s something big or something silly, each time I do something and #EmbraceTheWeird in any way, the gap between “I have this idea” and “f*ck it” gets shorter and the severity of doing that thing gets less intense.

Creation Creates Creations

It was as if the “simple” act of doing something, creating something, opened up a gateway for everything else to follow.

What a Teese – Lessons from the Queen of Burlesque

There’s value to be had everywhere, if we’re willing to look past some of our differences. Dita von Teese holds herself with an unmistakable poise and presence. She’s not afraid to be elegant, powerful, nor is she afraid to forge her own path by being different.

Top 10 Questions of 2018

The exercise, 100 Questions by Leonardo Davinci is designed to get you to think about the questions that are most important to you in your life (at this moment). I’ve found that my direction for the year is almost paralleled by the questions and themes from doing this exercise.