Be Weird

Being weird is less about trying to “stand out.” It’s more about accepting who we really are, and spending more time and energy around the people that actually accept or admire us for who that is. We’ll never find those people if we keep worrying about what others think.

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Creating the Foundation

Every person that I admire has incredible people around them that support them, challenge them to rise up to the occasion, and are simply a part of a positive atmosphere that promotes love, contribution and success.

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Exploring Spectrums

Our personalities are comprised of different spectrums, but not all of us experience the full depth of that spectrum in order to fully understand who we are.

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Austin Pranger

At the beginning of 2015 I set a course to challenge and improve myself by embarking on ‘Venture 15,’ a personal project to overcome my fears and do what I feel is impossible. This website archives the progress of my ventures and the ever-updating status of my ambitious goals.