The Mission of Admission is all about self-discovery and self-acceptance. I hope that, by daring to share more about my personal quirks, others that share similar struggles will have the courage to accept themselves as they are.

The Mission of Admission has 3 fundamentals:

  • Being aware of yourself to discover what makes you “you” and having the courage to pursue your curiosity.
  • Accepting your quirks and beliefs as they are for no other reason than because you want to or what you feel drawn to.
  • Acting and behaving true to yourself in all scenarios (and not hiding from who you are).

For me this will involve sharing some on the blog or keeping them in private by way of journal.


000 | Fire and the Fog | Introduction to authenticity and the “Mission of Admission.”
001 | Split Personality | The battle between the A’s.
002 | The Exiled Warrior | Feeling like an ‘outcast,’ only to find out it’s self-imposed. The distinction between being a ‘warrior’ and a ‘spectator’ in the arena of life.
003 | “You” Are the Death of Progress | The false perception of “you” against you.
004 | Authentic Style | Developing style is an art. It’s okay not to be like everyone else. What “they” think doesn’t matter.
005 | Music That Moves | Music can generate and enhance emotion. A tool for inspiring greatness. (Thumos – spiritedness.)
006 | Quirky Misfit Mentality | Intentionally being weird and “quirky,” a misfit of society, to stay on the path towards awesomeness.
007 | SPECTRUM | The fluidity and balance of traits that make up who we are.
00x | So Swift | How an “unorthodox” preference helped me to discover the “fire.”

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