The 100 Questions

The 100 Questions method was introduced by Leonardo DaVinci. I discovered it through Philosopher’s Notes (Brian Johnson) and have been using it at least once a year ever since.

The basic principle is to spend about an hour by yourself without any kind of distractions. You then ask yourself 100 questions that you’re curious about. It’s easy at first, but starts to get harder the deeper down the list you get.

After you’ve written down at least 100 questions, you’ll go through your list and try to find common themes and then pick out the top 10.

The intent is to help you find the major priorities that you’re facing at that moment.

In my experiences so far, I’ve found that simply getting them down onto paper helped tremendously – even if I looked at them less than 5 times throughout the year. A far majority of the top 10 questions saw some sort of progress, or continued to be a relevant theme, by the end of the year.

I wonder what would happen if I became proactive about looking at and musing over them more regularly?


  1. If I only accomplished one thing in 2017, what would make me the happiest?
  2. How can I serve others?
  3. How can I improve as a West Coast Swing dancer (Westie)?
  4. How can I take more consistent action?
  5. How can I express myself (SPECTRUM) and stay authentic?
  6. How can I push for excellence, raise my standards, and avoid mediocrity?
  7. How can I follow my heart and live by the Left Page?
  8. How can I be a more effective communicator and leader (for Communities of Awesome)?
  9. How do I stay focused within my mind and not get caught up with the opinion of others (which may sometimes be imaginary)?
  10. How can I create my own unique sense of style?


  1. How can I commit to being ultra-successful in everything that I do?
  2. How do I consistently take action?
  3. Who am I and how do I remain authentic at all times?
  4. How do I become world class at dancing and accelerate the learning process?
  5. How can I find mentors in my life that will challenge me in every aspect of my life?
  6. How do I become a better entrepreneur and generate $1,000,000 annually?
  7. How do I become a better leader, influence others, make positive change, and inspire others?
  8. How do I lead a community of achievers and doers and make an impact in our world?
  9. How do I become socially eloquent to communicate my ideas, thoughts, feelings and beliefs to those around me?
  10. How can I improve the lives of anyone and everyone around me every day?


These questions are currently buried somewhere in a box after a deep minimalism project. Maybe I’ll look for these in the future.