This Is My Focus Right /Now

I have progressively reduced the number of “goals” that I have. While I have a lot of “goals,” I only have 5 priorities that I use as a “North Star” this year. If I complete nothing else than move the needle forward on these projects, I’ll have considered 2017 a victory.


The Journey of West Coast Swing | Exploring the levels of West Coast Swing to become an advocate and practitioner of the dance, compete, and help bring up other aspiring Westies.

Travel & Wanderlust | Travel to any part of the world for any reason, but particularly for West Coast Swing events.

Cultivate “Communities of Awesome”Fort Wayne West Coast Swing & Eularity.

Online Business | Scaling up online revenue: skillset increase, client outreach, Location Rebel reconnect, finding a local/digital community for entrepreneurial support (i.e., Average 5).

Serving Others | Helping to improve the quality of lives of others in any way, whether small or large. FWD, FWWCS, ELRY, local, strangers, family, friends, etc.



Last updated: January 10, 2017

Inspired by Derek Sivers and the “/now movement” at

The goal of a /now page is to show what the current priorities or projects are, versus an About page which helps to tell the story of an individual or organization.