What I’m Doing Now

Updated SEPTEMBER 1, 2017

○ Improving at West Coast Swing (and ballroom dances) via local events (Fort Wayne, Ossian, Goshen, Muncie) and weekend West Coast Swing events

○ Beginning a new dance journey through the Anchor Room by helping and learning from Melissa C.

○ Building up and growing a community of Westies (dancers of West Coast Swing), called Fort Wayne West Coast Swing

○ Freelancing as a content writer for small businesses and developing skills for …

• Online presence: digital marketing, social media, website management, SEO
• Copywriting

○ Pursuing hobbies and developing skills for …

• Videography
• Photography
• Editing

○ Preparing for Burning Man 2018

○ Sharing my adventures on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Inspired by Derek Sivers and the “/now movement” at nownownow.com.