About My Story

Hi! My name is Austin Pranger.

I’m a dancer, writer, and I’m exploring different hobbies and interests to learn more about myself.

I share my experiences, successes, and failures throughout my life as I explore the process of becoming the best “me” I can be.

This website was created in 2015 when I started a personal project called Venture 15, which was designed for the sole purpose of getting improved clarity about what I wanted to accomplish in life. I’ve had plenty of ups and downs, as everyone does, with pursuing this new quest in life.

At the start of Venture 15, I began an online business as a freelance writer and it began a completely new chapter in my life.

Later that year I discovered and tried partnered dancing for the first time and was absolutely hooked. I spent the next few months being completely immersed in learning ballroom dancing. I had never been that driven to do anything before and it was clear to me that I was on to something. But it wasn’t until much later that I really accepted that this was a calling of sorts – a passion.

You see, “finding my passion” was not something that came easily to me. For over twenty years, I lived a pretty casual and complacent life because I never had an intense conviction to really grab life for myself. And even the things I was passionate about before I learned about dancing I didn’t pour myself into because I either didn’t think that I could make something out of them or because my personal belief systems were not up to snuff.

Now three years into the Venture 15 project, I’ve since taken my passion for dancing even further. I discovered a style of dancing within the partner dance world called West Coast Swing and absolutely fell in love. I thought I was excited and passionate about dancing, but this one single dance completely turned that on its head.

I discovered West Coast Swing for the first time at a local event in early 2016 watching a small group of professional dancers dancing together, went to my first event in the summer of 2016, and have kept with it ever since.

Since then, West Coast Swing has been my “thing,” without a doubt. In all of my life, I have never felt so pulled towards something. All those years of waiting to “find my passion” and it took me by complete surprise.

Even still, a part of me didn’t think that I would be able to make something of it. But I’ve recognized that it now has more to do with my internal belief systems about what I’m capable of and how the world around me works.

Within months of going to my first West Coast Swing event, I had booked and attended my second event. My conviction for this dance only continued to grow. I felt so strongly for this dance that I began to wonder what it would take to create a community dedicated to West Coast Swing, to help people learn more about the dance, to become better dancers, and to help others experience a fraction of the excitement and love that I found at West Coast Swing events.

By the beginning of 2017 I officially started and launched Fort Wayne West Coast Swing, a local club dedicated to promoting West Coast Swing and providing opportunities to learn the dance. The experience of starting a club has helped me personally in a lot of ways as it has forced me to learn new things, connect with people, and really up-and-close with overcoming some of my fears and anxieties.

After the 1 year anniversary of my first West Coast Swing weekend event, I accepted an offer to train with the very same professional dancer that inspired me to try learning West Coast Swing, who had invited me to that first weekend event, and who has already helped coach me in becoming a better swing dancer.

This opportunity is just the beginning of many new amazing things in my life and I’m ecstatic to see how my path evolves as I move forward.

After years of searching for a passion, I can happily say that I have found one. I know that my passions and interests may change over time, but I know that right now, my biggest passion is West Coast Swing and I would be a fool not to follow that calling to wherever it leads me.

This website is where I will dedicate my experiences to learning West Coast Swing, in promoting the dance, for sharing my mindset on how to become a better individual (whatever we each decide to pursue in our life), and my experiences around pursuing my Big 5 Directions (West Coast Swing, Building “Communities of Awesome,” Online Business, Travel, and Helping Others).

Thank you for reading, thank you for your interest, and I hope to connect with you soon.

Here’s to adventure.