Discovery Through Dance

A West Coast Journey

Welcome to my West Coast Swing journey, where I share my chronicles in this captivating dance. I showcase my first-hand experiences learning and progressing through West Coast Swing, the strategies I use to help me accelerate my growth, the mindsets I develop to help me overcome my limitations, and my experience with promoting this incredible dance. I aim to help other Westies become the best they can be as we collectively discover and express our joy for this dance.



Aggressive Selectivity – What Has Your Attention?

I’ve taken on a mindset of aggressive selectivity with how orderly my physical environment is, what my goals and directions are, and the “inputs” I consume (for advice, or otherwise). It’s created a greater clarity of focus and a calmer sense of being.

The Fear of Being Noticed

For a long time I was afraid of being noticed or seen. I didn’t want to put my voice out into the world. And it was all because I was afraid of what “you” thought, instead of realizing that my own voice was just as valid as yours.

The Glimmer of Beautiful People

They exhibit an unmistakable glimmer that’s eye-catching and attractive. They’re authentic. They have this presence that allows them to bring lightness to every interaction they enter and every person they converse with.

Why Wait?

Simply wanting to do something or feeling like it’s the right thing to do (for myself or for someone else) is the only reason WHY I should do anything. I don’t need permission from anyone but myself. “Just because I want to,” should be my slogan when it comes to embracing the things I want to do in life.

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