Be Weird

Be Weird

Being weird is less about trying to “stand out.” It’s more about accepting who we really are, and spending more time and energy around the people that actually accept or admire us for who that is. We’ll never find those people if we keep worrying about what others think.

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Musings of an Introvert


The musings and philosophies hiding behind a veil of introversion and quietness. The messages that I articulate better in writing. This is where my element lies, the medium in which I can best express myself.

These are what I have to get out of me, whatever they are. Whatever shape they take. Whatever message they bring. No matter how terrifying at first.

If I choose to squelch my voice or my message, I squelch who I am as an individual. I squelch my own belief in ME. These musings are for me, but I hope that they help someone, somewhere, somehow.